How to Select Best Dissertation Topic and Why

Dissertation Topic
Dissertation writing is difficult because everything it involves is difficult. From the start till the end, dissertation writing is the most difficult work a student ever comes across. There is a common belief that if you choose the right topic, you set yourself on the right track and the process unfolds in an easier way sorting everything for the writer.

Why Choosing the Right Topic is Important?Choosing the right topic will make your dissertation writing process easier. It will help you in the planning for your work and how to lay out the game plan. The right topic will result in a work done in the right direction. If the topic is not right, suppose if the topic is unrelated to your subject or completely about an irrelevant issue, you will fail the dissertation badly and there is nothing you can do to save the time and efforts wasted due to selecting the wrong topic.

What is The Right Topic?You should ask yourself this question and find the answer the first thing when you have to write a dissertation. A right topic is a topic that is completely relevant and related to your subject, pointing out at an existing problem in the related subject and that serves as a bridge between the issue and the solution of that problem. Your dissertation writing should be a contribution to the literature of your subject. It should put light on the existing problem which has never been considered before by anyone. The problem should not initiate a new issue but point towards an existing issue and you must ask yourself why you thought you must write about it. A right topic can also be a topic you are familiar with. If you are familiar with the topic really well, you will always be able to write it with an edge, find the best answers and conduct the most valid researches and interviews. You will make half of your work easy by just choosing the right topic. A topic you are passionate about will serve really well.

How to Choose the Right Topic?Choosing the right topic surely doesn’t require a rocket science but a little dissertation topic help. You need to read the past dissertation writing and spend some time in the library and some time on internet and take some inspirations. Then brain storm the ideas that you have created in your mind after getting inspiration from the topics you saw. Make a list and start eliminating the topics. Take out the ones with comparatively least content available and move ahead. Once you are down with one or two topics in the end, choose the one that really interests you and go ahead with the research. Having selected the best and the most familiar topic will allow you to write the dissertation making it a learning process for you. It will give you extra benefit of including your own theories and ideas and will let you explore the topic on a professional level.

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