Examples Of Exclamatory Sentences

Sentences are the cluster of words that gives complete meaning and explanation; on the other hand, exclamatory sentences are related to extreme feelings and passion. Suddenly, when we speak some words it is called exclamatory sentences. (!) is the sign of exclamatory sentences which appears at the end of the sentence and gives the meaning to our emotions. 

Exclamatory sentences are very powerful and they can stand alone such as, let’s go! Here, the professional writers of Assignment Writing Services provider company will discuss some examples of exclamatory sentences with their categories.

We Use Exclamatory Sentence To Express Our Happiness And Strong Emotions

  • Happy birthday, dear sister!
  • Thank you so much, Boss!
  • I really hate you!
  • Aha, this ice cream is my favorite!
  • Woo, it is a reality!
  • What is a great deal!
  • How is possible in the world!

Exclamatory Sentences that start With "What and How”

  • What lovely weather!
  • How well are his listening skills!
  • How you solved!
  • How fast you come!
  • How is this possible, this is amazing!
  • What a cute dog!
  • What running speed!
  • What a happy ending of this film!
  • What a pretty girl!
  • This building is the most beautiful!

Exclamatory Sentence including “So and Such”

  • This Birthday party was so amazing!
  • Riana’s gift was really impressive!
  • Oho, this dog is so ugly!
  • I am so mad now!
  • She is such a kind soul!
  • That’s such an amazing watch!
  • Yom’s such as liar girl!

Don’t Over Use Exclamations In Academic Writing

You should not use exclamation in academic writing. However, you can use the declarative and narrative sentence in your academic writing. A declarative sentence is helpful and informative in academic writing and they are always punctuated by a period. Interrogative sentences are used to ask a question and their sign is a question mark. However, the most important point is that exclamations sentences explain extreme emotions. You should use these sentences with cautions. Don’t use semi-colon or full-stop in the exclamatory sentences.

Interrogative Clause Of Exclamatory Sentences

Interrogative sentences are those in which we ask a question and expect an answer. Exclamations also possess an interrogative clause which can be negative or positive. For example, Oh wow was that a great match!” And “Isn’t this fun! We can use both marks in the interrogative clause such as (what?) or (what!). We can clarify both marks as a question mark, because, the main structure of the sentence is interrogative. Mostly, people use interrogative clause of exclamatory in the natural wonders or things such as “Is this a reality!”.

Adjective In Exclamatory Phrases And Clauses 

A most exclamatory sentence can stand as a complete sentence and we call them adjective clause. Most adjective phrases are independent and they can be used in the linguists’ content. However, these are different in a simple structure or situational context. The phrases and clauses of adjective show the real form of exclamatory sentences.

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