Tips to Write a Literature Review

Write a Literature Review
Literature should be able to make the direction of research more specific and definite; it should service an incentive to advance the ideas and thoughts of the researcher. It should be able to become the base for the attainment of new knowledge. The literature review should only involve the data that are highly relevant to the particular topic under study. Students have to study sources in order to write literature review chapter. Students can examine the overall context of the source by hiring dissertation writing services; they can analyse the logics and the main idea of a source and compare them with context to write in the literature review.

In order to organize the sources you should carefully, take notes in order not to be confused with the gathered information and portions of analysed information when you read more course of your research. You should work regularly, systematically and methodically in order to avoid the burden of new sources. You should make deadlines and follow them in appropriate ways. Research for writing a literature review or not, require the detailed study of the previous research paper. You can only read the most important parts of the research paper that link to your study and write them down on literature review chapter. You should read selectively in order to avoid wastage of time. Moreover, if you do not have enough time to study you can only read abstract and the conclusion part of the research paper.

You should make sure not to copy anything from research papers you are studying. Take care of copyrights because it is the illegal act to write the work of any other person in your study. You can write the information taken from previous research papers, but you have to write it in your own words. Moreover, carefully cite each information taken from the research paper. Sometimes you can paraphrase citation than to use it precisely. It will show your own mechanism of creative thinking. Pile every information cohesively and coherently into the research. Compare and classify your data to find out the links.

You should be critical and objective while selecting the facts of research. You should pay attention to trustworthiness and recent character. You should keep your view up to date. You should choose the most recent research paper to study and include the literature review chapter. Suppose if you have thousands of sources and you have only one night to complete then try to narrow the scope of your sources by highlighting the most important sources to study. The important sources can be those that works exactly with your topic, relevant to your topic.

If you are conducting research, then secondary sources will be used. You can gather data from different journal articles, publications, libraries, websites, etc. but if you are conducting primary research then it is difficult to get data. You have to personally visit to get the information regarding your study. Moreover, you should get help from your tutor or supervisor. They will provide better guidance to study different sources.

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