How Did Angela Merkel Change Europe?

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel is a famous politician from Germany. She is serving as a chancellor in Germany since 2005. She was born in 1954 and now, her age is almost 64 years. She is the leader of the Christian Democratic Union in Germany. She has got her education from the well-institution of Berlin known as the German Academy of Sciences. She has won different awards like the Presidential Medal of Freedom and much more. She is also known as the most powerful woman in the world. Here, experts of dissertation editing services will discuss how Angela Merkel changed Europe.

Angela Merkel has enough strength in the office. Its reason is that he is spending his third term in the office. He has worked a lot to save Europe. Therefore, lots of historical achievements are also attached to her name. This thing provides us with an indication that she can also complete her fourth term as a chancellor.

When most of the European leaders were facing some financial crisis, Angela Merkel blossomed the economy of Europe. Due to the introduction of the shortening working hours and some other economic stimulus packages, Germany has to face some global economic issues. With the help of Angela Merkel, we can see that Germany flourished even in these critical circumstances. Now, Angela Merkel is working to solve the future challenges of Germany. The possible future challenges of Germany are flaccid education system and lack of experienced workers.

Angela Merkel is also well-known in Europe due to her energy reforms. Just after the Fukushima disaster, Angela Merkel gave a surprise to the world by closing 17 nuclear reactors of Germany. She further announced that Germany will close all of his nuclear reactors till 2022. After that, she started alternate energy resources in order to fulfil the energy needs of her country. These energy resources are known as ‘Energiewende’. These energy resources are environment-friendly and Angela Merkel was supported from all around the spectrum by introducing such environment-friendly reforms.

For the social welfare of the people, Angela Merkel has also introduced minimum wage plan for her residents. Before this plan, all the firms and companies provide wages to the workers according to their own will. In January 2015, Angela Merkel introduced a law that all the workers will be given at least 8.50 pounds for their one hour service. She has also devised a plan for those workers whose wages were frozen. Due to these reforms, Angela Merkel was also supported by their nation.

Before Angela Merkel, the foreign policy of Germany was not effective. She has also made some amendments in the foreign policy. For this reason, she has scored some points in foreign policy. After devising the foreign policy, Germany is doing constant dialogues with Russia. After constant dialogues with the Russian president, she is also emphasizing the western leaders to held positive meetings with Russia.

Moreover, another important fact about Angela Merkel is that she is getting successes in such a party which is basically male-oriented.

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